Do Your Worst

  • Yuchen Xin, Learn to Smile, 2022
    Yuchen Xin, Learn to Smile, 2022
Do Your Worst
Exhibition: 14 February — 14 June 2023
Event Information

Do Your Worst by Yuchen Xin explores curious perceptions of the world and the absurdities of everyday life. Through the reconstruction of found objects from second-hand shops, dollar shops and urban environments, Xin finds personal history in each item, demonstrating the magic of the uncanny and thereby building strange narratives that aim to question our identity.

Individual hand formed objects are placed together to inhabit the space as one collective installation, mimicking a domestic landscape that suggest an idiosyncratic sense of ‘home’.

Exhibition: 14 February 2023—14 June 2023

This event is presented by Footscray Community Arts and Trocadero Projects.

Date & Times

14 February — 14 June 2023

Entrance Gallery


Meet the Artist
  • Yuchen Xin
    Yuchen Xin

    Yuchen Xin was born in Shanghai in 1998 and now lives and works in Melbourne. Her practice examines personal and curious perceptions of the world and the absurdities in everyday life. This unconscious self-expression is expressed through various mediums, including hand-formed objects, painting, video, ceramics, and digital work. The unique anthropomorphic characters she creates engage both her personal universe and the hyperactive side and strangeness of human conditions. She considers her characters to have aspects of absurdity, strangeness, and craziness like human beings but still retain a loveable quality.

    Xin is a participating artist in Trocadero Projects’ current program.

    Image by Kelly Yoon.