Faces of Footscray

Faces of Footscray
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What makes the West a thriving and vibrant community to be a part of?
Our people of course! 

Located on the hoarding of the New Footscray Hospital site (Geelong Road, Federal Street end), Faces of Footscray is a photographic portrait series celebrating the people of the West. A community arts collaboration between Footscray Community Arts and Plenary Health – who are delivering the New Footscray Hospital Project in partnership with the Victorian Government and Western Health – each portrait links to a short film detailing their connection to place, culture and community.

Featuring the work of visual artists from the West, Mika Tran and Thuy Vy, the two creatives highlight the people that genuinely embody what makes the West special.

Why not come meet them for yourself!

In collaboration with Plenary Health

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Meet the Artists
  • Mika Tran
    Mika Tran

    Mika Tran is a filmmaker and visual storyteller of Japanese-Vietnamese heritage. Mika’s storytelling is grounded in relationality, weaving together interior and exterior narrative threads to craft intimate and nuanced stories that reflect our complex, interconnected world. Mika is particularly dedicated to telling intersectional stories that explore the themes of culture, identity, and belonging.  

  • Thuy Vy
    Thuy Vy

    Thuy Vy is a director and photographer with an eye for crafting distinct images that reflect emotions and moods. His work has an affinity for the real social documentaries, and the composure of visual poetry. Thuy’s work reflects a perpetual curiosity that explores the human condition and seeks to tell stories with sensitivity and empathy.  

Faces of Footscray Videos