Mural Making with Baby Guerrilla

  • Photo by Andrew Haysom
    Photo by Andrew Haysom
Mural Making with Baby Guerrilla
Every Saturday, 11:30am–12:20pm, from February 4–April 1
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Have you ever wanted to paint something big, bold and out in the open for everyone to see?  In this class you will learn how to design and create a public mural with street artist Baby Guerrilla. You might have seen Baby Guerrilla’s huge works on Victoria University Campus? She is a master at painting, paste ups and transforming public space.  

Over 9 sessions, you will develop a design and learn painting techniques. And the best part is you will get to create a large public mural which will be on display on the grounds of Footscray Community Arts!  

Suitable for kids 8-16 years old.   

Please get in touch if you have any questions: sara.k@footscrayarts.com 


How many weeks: 9  

Cost: $27 per session or $243 for a term pass.

A term pass is designed to be more cost affective, but you can buy per session separately. 

What you will do each week: 

Week 1: Introduction to Street Art. Reviewing street artists and talking about style and technique. Brainstorming our ideas for our mural!  

Week 2: Checking out the mural site on the shipping container in FCA grounds. How big is it? (How do we understand and plan for something this scale).  Brainstorming and sketching. 

Week 3: Sketching designs for the mural. Group discussion for the full mural design. Collaboration and reaching a consensus.   

Week 4:Painting day! Priming the mural site.  

Week 5: Sketching the designs onto our shipping container  

Week 6: Sketching the designs onto our shipping container 

Week 7: Sketching/ Painting our designs.  

Week 8:Painting our designs 

Week 9: Finishing touches and talking about our finished artwork!  

What you will learn:Design and drawing skills, collaboration, painting skills, working on a public artwork, how to refine ideas and translate them into visual outcomes.  

What materials will you get: We provide the paint, pencils, drawing materials and brushes! 

What you need to bring: Bring materials that inspire you (photos, magazines, books,) bring clothes you don’t mind getting paint on, waterbottle and a hat, and a snack if you need it ! 

Saturday, 11:30am–12:20pm

4 Feb | 11 Feb | 18 Feb | 25 Feb | 4 March | 11 March | 18 March | 25 March | 1 April 

Date & Times

4 February — 1 April 2023

ArtLife Studio

One class: $25

Meet the Artists
  • Baby Guerrilla
    Baby Guerrilla

    Baby Guerrilla is an Australian artist interested in approaching space and perspective in new and innovative ways that engage beyond the parameters of a gallery or traditional art space. Over the past couple of years the artist has sought to create a series of works liberated from the constraints of the standard picture plane. She is best known for large-scale public murals of human figures. Her work is intended to appear to defy gravity and constraint and to evoke a sense of wonder, awe, magic and mystery.   

    Email: artist@babyguerrilla.com
    Website: www.babyguerrilla.com
    Instagram: @baby_guerrilla 



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