PHOTO2024: Exquisite Corpse

  • Salote Tawale, YOU, ME, ME, YOU still, 2022. Courtesy the artist, Ikon, Birmingham and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.
    Salote Tawale, YOU, ME, ME, YOU still, 2022. Courtesy the artist, Ikon, Birmingham and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.
PHOTO2024: Exquisite Corpse
Artist: Salote Tawale

Exhibition Date: 3 February—26 May 2024
Event Information

Articulations of identity from a
queer Fijian woman with settler-colonial
heritage living in Australia.

Exquisite Corpse is a photographic exhibition inspired by the collaborative essence of surrealist art. Artist Salote Tawale reflects on identity and the collective migrant experience in post-colonial Australia, skillfully depicted through a collage of works delving into inherited and enduring legacies.

Salote Tawale draws from her dual colonial heritage (Australia and Fiji), and crafts a narrative deeply rooted in Indigenous knowledge systems. This celebration of reimagined artistic methods explores profound cultural intersections.

Enter the exhibition’s large-scale installation, combining photographic images, sculptural elements, and compelling video work as part of PHOTO 2024. This site-specific installation incorporates wall vinyl, floor coverings, natural and architectural elements, video projections, and sculptural ‘cutouts.’ Each component contributes to a multi-sensory experience, bringing Salote’s work to life.

Exquisite Corpse serves as a profound testament to human connection. Explore the intricate ties between physical objects and our tangible world.

Artworks are located in the Roslyn Smorgon Gallery.


Take a piece of Salote Tawale’s Exquisite Corpse home with an exclusive happy/sad tote bag! Inspired by the absurdity of the exhibition and its surrealist inspiration, this limited edition design is your chance to wear a piece of art.

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PHOTO2024 is part of a site takeover, which includes Queer PHOTO also showing at Footscray Community Arts in the Henderson House. Check out the Queer PHOTO exhibition here.

Exquisite Corpse is an official exhibition of PHOTO 2024 International Festival of Photography. Presented by Footscray Community Arts.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its arts funding and advisory body.

Date & Times

Saturday 3 February 10:00 am

Sunday 26 May 4:00 pm

Roslyn Smorgon Gallery

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Salote Tawale Interview
Meet the Artist
  • Salote Tawale
    Salote Tawale

    Born in Suva, Fiji, Salote Tawale lives and works on Gadigal Country, Sydney. Across performance, moving image, painting and installation, Tawale probes ideas of self-representation, humorously challenging stereotypes and presenting nuanced articulations of the complex negotiations around identity as a queer Fijian woman living in Australia. Her recent works expand these concerns, acknowledging the growing significance of indigenous knowledge systems to individuals living in the diaspora in navigating this particular time and space.