Sekala Niskala

  • Image: Kuncir Sathya Viku, The Garden of Edan (detail), 2023
    Image: Kuncir Sathya Viku, The Garden of Edan (detail), 2023
Sekala Niskala
Exhibition Date: 18 April—Sunday 25 June 2023

Workshop Date: Saturday 22 April 2023, 11am–2:30pm
Event Information

Sekala Niskala Exhibition
Exhibition Date: 18 April—Sunday 25 June 2023
Cost: Free
Location: Footscray Community Arts’ Roslyn Smorgon Gallery

Sekala Niskala (The Seen and Unseen) exhibition presents works from five Indonesian contemporary artists based in Bali. The artists include Agus Saputra, Kuncir Sathya Viku, Ni Luh Pangestu, Satya Cipta and Septa Adi, all of whom mastered elements of Balinese craftsmanship and style of Batuan painting, Rerajahan drawing and Kamasan painting.

This exhibition celebrates the continuity of art styles based on Balinese Hindu belief and local influences within a contemporary context. The artists’ explorations in the belief of Sekala Niskala pushes the boundaries of traditional art practices not only through their technique, but most importantly through their modern-day, and at times, disruptive and unconventional subject matter.

Presented in collaboration with Project 11, you will also be able to join in the magic of Sekala Niskala by taking part in Line Drawing and Linocut Workshops run by the artists.

Explore Sekala Niskala after dark through Indoor Music Series: Winter Voices, a celebration of local musical talent that promises to warm the soul and melt hearts this winter. Featuring performances by inspirational artists Ajak Kwai and Bhairavi Raman, Winter Voices is a celebration of music that bridges cultures, traverses the traditional and contemporary over two nights in June.

Winter Voices bring heartwarming music and thought-provoking art to brighten Melbourne winter nights: learn more here.



 Presented by Footscray Community Arts and Project 11 

Date & Times

Tuesday 18 April 9:00 am

Sunday 25 June 4:00 pm

Roslyn Smorgon Gallery

Launch event: Free

Meet the Artists
  • Agus Saputra
    Agus Saputra

    Agus Saputra explores Batuan painting style alongside Western techniques into his painting process and visuals. 

    His works take focus on issues found in our social environment, which nowadays cannot be separated from the internet. Agus often interlink his narrative with historical events relating to Balinese art histories alongside Western references. His storytelling is rendered with the Batuan dense and compact landscape, and ‘god’s eye perspective’, and at times playing with the monochromatic palette.   

    Agus majored in Painting from Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Denpasar. His first solo exhibition Once Upon a Time was held at CG Artspace, Jakarta in 2020. His most recent exhibition Post Tradition in Batuan Hybrid Style and Realist: Utopia and Dystopia Representations was held in 2022. He participated in several group exhibitions including: “Transitory” (2022), “On Connectivity” (2022), “NEOPITAMAHA: /tradition [in] translation/” (2022), “Post Identity – Bali Contemporary Art Now” (2021), “12” (2020), “Drawing Bali Today” (2019), “Balinese Abstract” (2018), and “ART•BALI 2018 : Beyond the Myths” (2018). 

    Instagram: @im.agusaputra 
    Facebook: agus.menjijikan 

  • Kuncir Sathya Viku
    Kuncir Sathya Viku

    Kuncir’s artistic explorations grew from the street, working with murals where he infused Balinese visual language into his art. His visuals are explorations of lines and shapes rooted in Balinese drawing of Rerajahan (Visual mantra/Drawing prayer).

    Through his satirical manner, Kuncir transmits hybrid shamanistic visuals – merging comic impressions with Rerajahan drawings and a touch of pop surrealism. His work continues to look forward and evaluates on Balinese surrealism and global and local social issues; oftenly where clashes between modernity and tradition, conservative and liberal, norms and exceptions, and so forth take place. 

    His understanding in Rerajahan drawings was nurtured through years of experience where he assisted his father, a Balinese priest, in making Rerajahan drawings. Exposed to art practices at a young age, he explored performance arts such as Balinese dance and Gamelan. Kuncir also developed his visual concepts through a formal education in Visual Design Communication at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar 2013.  

    Kuncir has had two solo exhibitions in 2018 namely Spiritual Shit at Deus Gallery, Canggu, Bali and Dead Stock hosted by The Bleach Room Store, Canggu, Bali. His most recent group exhibitions include: “Berkelanjutan!” at Distrik Seni x Sarinah (2022), “NEOPITAMAHA: /tradition [in] translation/” (2022), “Ubud Print Fair” (2022), “Bali Emerging Artists” (2021), “+62361: Unfolding the Current Ripple” (2021), “Shades of Belief” (2021), “Anatomy of Experience” (2019); and “Drawing Bali Today” (2019).  

    Instagram: @kuncirsv 
    Facebook: kuncir.viku  

  • Ni Luh Pangestu Widya Sari
    Ni Luh Pangestu Widya Sari

    Ni Luh Pangestu Widya Sari explorations in printmaking goes beyond the paper as she prefers to investigate relief as her visual language. She delves into the carved linoleum extracting three-dimensional visuals from a two-dimensional material.   

    She reframes the art of Wayang depicted in Kamasan painting and shadow puppetry, and reconstructs tales, religious epos and teachings. Her works convey alternate perspectives on the socio-cultural traditions in the modern-day with the intent of preserving, and at times, questioning values and norms found in societies. 

    Ni Luh majored in Printmaking from Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Denpasar. Her recent group exhibitions include: “Chanting for Humanity” (2022), “Lelaki Jangan Menangis / Boys Don’t Cry” (2022), “Ubud Print Fair” (2022), “Urup” (2022), “Tak Kenal Maka…” (2021), “+62361: Unfolding the Current Ripple” (2021), “Sipp Setiap Saat” (2020), “Touch of Heart” (2019), “Tanda Seru!” (2019), “Celebration of The Future” (2019). 

    Instagram: @artniluh 

  • Satya Cipta
    Satya Cipta

    Satya is interested in exploring and expanding her cultural roots through theatre performances and musicals, or her drawings and paintings. After graduating from Institute of Arts Jakarta (IKJ), she pursued studio studies from Made Budi, where she acquired the understanding of Batuan painting style, and also from Ketut Budhiana, where she further deepened her knowledge on the Balinese drawing style paintings. 

    Her art practice is inspired by her experiences and life views, which are strongly influenced by the Eastern perspective, more typically Balinese dualism. There is an emphasis on the elegance of Balinese line drawings (sigar mangsi). Her soft lines and hues are juxtaposed with depictions of sombre, mystical and surreal figures in theatre-like poses. 

    Satya graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Theatre, from Institute of the Arts, Jakarta in 2010. She’s held three solo exhibitions including: The Wondering Soul (2021), Satya: A Great Talent in Its Bud (2020), A Budding Talent (2019). She has participated in group exhibitions including: “Lelaki Jangan Menangis” (2022), “Exploration: The New Frontier” (2022), “Irrational Wishes” (2021), “SEA: the Showcase” (2021), “Contemplating Alternatives” (2020), “Intimists 2” (2019), “Celebration of the Future” (2018). 

    Instagram: @satyacipta 
    Website: www.satyacipta.com 

  • Septa Adi
    Septa Adi

    Septa Adi’s coloured linocuts are configured with features of Batuan and Kamasan painting compositions, either separately or in combination. Septa’s explorations are a construct of print-painting: combinations of traditional and contemporary techniques – drawing, carving, stamping, and colour blocking/painting.

    Septa’s works are framed with narratives referencing Balinese culture and traditions. Norms, values, and teachings are transferred through visuals where; although some are universally symbolised and recognised, are much infused with Balinese visual dialects. In his own way, he expanded both graphic print and Balinese painting by linking artistic structures and elements in Kamasan painting with comic books and graphic novels: outlines, shading, and notably, relaying narratives through divisions of scenes (strips/frames).  

    Septa majored in graphic print art from Ganesha University of Education, Bali. He has had a solo exhibition in 2019 titled Imaji Alam / Nature’s Image at Jenggala Keramik, Bali. He participated in group exhibitions such as, “Ubud Print Fair” (2022), “Walama #2” (2021), “+62361: Unfolding the Current Ripple” (2021), “Tropical” (2021), “Shades of Belief” (2021), “Sipp Setiap Saat” (2020), “Bali Mega Rupa” (2019), “Exploration – Breaking Boundaries” (2019), “The Garden” (2018), and “Arc of Bali, Repositioning” (2018). 

    Instagram: @adi_septa 
    Facebook: septa.adi.1  


  • Project 11
    Project 11

    Project 11 is a giving initiative established by the Kabo family in 2016 which seeks to support artists and projects which make an imprint upon their field. We provide funding and support to enable excellence in the development and production of new work, as well as to open new markets. We are interested in works which push the boundaries and explore new ideas. We believe that art matters. 

    By art, we mean all fields of artistic endeavour, be it visual, aural or anything else. We work with individual artists and artists’ collectives, as well as organisations and peak bodies. We have a particular interest in cross-cultural collaboration in the contemporary arts. We are open to new ideas and partnerships and are willing to take risks in our funding decisions, in the same way that we encourage risk-taking in art. 

    Instagram: @project11foundation 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Project11foundation/
    Website: https://www.project11.online