These Bodies of Video Works

  • Image: Sleeping Apnea Beauty (courtesy to the artist and MARS Gallery)
    Image: Sleeping Apnea Beauty (courtesy to the artist and MARS Gallery)
These Bodies of Video Works
Exhibition: 14 February — 14 June 2023
Event Information

These Bodies of Video Works by Scotty So is a solo exhibition which explores the relationship between performance and the performer’s body through the mediums of video and objects. These new works, which incorporate So’s practice of drag performance and his recent experience learning to sing as a countertenor, offer a personal and nuanced perspective on the intersection of identity, gender, and the body.

Through the exploration of acts such as singing and lip syncing, the works in this exhibition challenge traditional notions of the performer and the performed, and the relationship between mimicry and truth. The duality of camp and sincerity is also a central theme, as So’s work explores the complex relationship between humour and tragedy of performance and self-expression.

So invites viewers to consider their own relationship to the body and performance, encouraging a deeper understanding of the complexities of identity and self-expression.

Exhibition: 14 February—14 June 2023


This event is presented by Footscray Community Arts as part of the 2022 Residency Program.

Date & Times

14 February — 14 June 2023

Gabriel Gallery


Meet the Artist
  • Scotty So
    Scotty So

    Scotty So is a Melbourne based artist who works across media, using painting, photography, sculpture, site-responsive installation, video and drag performance. Driven by a love for all things camp, So uses his work to explore the relationships between comedy and tragedy, as well as between honesty and insincerity. Born and raised in Hong Kong, So graduated BFA Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts with First Class Honours in Melbourne, Australia, 2019. So’s work has been displayed in Hong Kong, China and Australia, including the Triennial 2020 of the National Gallery of Victoria. Scotty So is represented by MARS Gallery in Australia.