[SOLD OUT] Session Seven: Sunday 5 May 2024, 6pm—8:30pm

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Screening & Panel Discussion

A cinematic pairing that provides refreshingly honest perspectives on sex and relationships through a trans masculine lens. It is a rare occurrence to feel seen and understood, hopeful and motivated, deeply grateful for and connected to community, whilst also entertained and aroused, all at once.  Opening this session is the short film Dismantle Me (2023, Dir. Max Disgrace). A comical proposition turns into an arousing powerplay when a trans woman helps a heartbroken trans man tidy up his messy bedroom. Next, fresh from Sundance is the award-winning hybrid documentary feature Desire Lines (2024, Dir. Jules Rosskam), a powerful cross generational look at some of the trans masculine community’s struggles and triumphs.

Desire Lines follows Ahmad, an older, Iranian-American trans man, on his exploration of LGBTQ+ archives and subsequently his own sexuality at a gay bathhouse. Woven with archival footage of trans elder and activist Lou Sullivan and recent interviews with gay trans mascs, this film delves into trans masculine experiences of gay sex, dating and hook-up culture, sexual health, men’s spaces and inclusion. Author Sam Elkin (Detachable Penis: A Queer Legal Saga) will host a special community panel speaking to the issues raised within Desire Lines that are reflective of conversations witnessed within our local trans masc community.

Dismantle Me
Victorian Premiere
UK, 2023, 13 mins, Drama, Dir. Max Disgrace, Unclassified, Captioned
A comical proposition turns into an arousing powerplay when a smoldering-hot trans woman helps a heartbroken trans man tidy his messy bedroom. Associate produced by Lilly Wachowski, Dismantle Me is a dark comedy-romance by trans people of colour, and created with a majority transgender and non-binary cast and crew. Made in collaboration with Trans+ On Screen.

Desire Lines
Australian Premiere
USA, 2024, 83 mins, Documentary, Dir: Jules Rosskam, Captioned
Identity. Desire. History. An Iranian-American transman, Ahmad, searching for his place in history, finds more than just a link to the past in the archives. Drawing from first-person accounts, as well as fictionalized segments, filmmaker Jules Rosskam explores the lines of desire as they intersect with identity for many transmen. Directed by leading academic and scholar Jules Rosskam (Something to Cry About Tilde 2019) and winner of the Next Special Jury Award at Sundance.
“Desire Lines is hypnotic and enduring, a remarkably incisive work that should be seen far and wide” – Cinema Daily US

Our Desire Lines – Community Night
Date: Sunday 5 May 2024, 6pm—8:30pm
Duration: 150 minutes

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Sunday 5 May, 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

Footscray Community Arts

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