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Walking Together for Rakali Weaving Workshop

Workshops for Adults
Walking Together for Rakali Weaving Workshop
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Join Isobel Morphy-Walsh (Taungurung) and Vic Morphy as we weave up a storm and reimagine how the river looks to Australia’s native water-rat, the Rakali.

Isobel will lead a series of workshops that will result in a communal artwork that celebrates the Rakali. Acknowledging the deep connections that First Nations community has to this species, come and learn the delicate art of weaving at these upcoming workshops and contribute to several 3D communal woven artworks.

Walking Together for Rakali is a collaboration between the Threatened Species Conservancy and Footscray Community Arts.

This project is informed by First Nations stories and knowledge and stands alongside the community-led research that has been underway all year to assess the health of the Rakali in the waterways around the bay in Naarm.

Sat 14 Oct 1—4pm
Sat 28 Oct 10—1pm & 2—5pm, 2 sessions
Sat 4 Nov 10—1pm & 2—5pm, 2 sessions


Date & Times

Saturday 14 October 1:00 pm

Saturday 4 November 5:00 pm

Footscray Community Arts
Meet the Artists
  • Isobel Morphy-Walsh

    Isobel Morphy-Walsh is a proud Nirim Baluk woman from the Taun Wurrung (Taungurung) people. She is a mutli-disciplinary artists spanning both visual art and performance art, a weaver, a curator, a producer, an activist and an educator. Isobel has spent her life working with her community and our cultures with a particular emphasis on history, culture, country and its importance today.