Our Vision

Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) plays a vital role in the Australian and international cultural landscape generating open and inclusive contemporary creative spaces that nurture, develop and platform underrepresented artistic and community voices.
Our vision is that all communities are valued as makers of culture.

Our Mission

FCAC is a contemporary arts centre grounded in Melbourne’s Western suburbs that engages with the critical challenges facing our communities through local, national and international dialogue. Our communities shape, lead and drive a vibrant artistic and cultural program creating cultural change and shaping contemporary Australian identity.

Our Values and Goals

Cultural rights
FCAC influences the national cultural landscape by boldly championing equality: equality in opportunity, recognition and cultural influence; embracing equality across our Board, staff, artistic program and business.

FCAC embraces artistic risk-taking and the dismantling of established boundaries within the creative industries sector to ensure it is reflective of our communities of focus. We will tackle challenges creatively and conduct conversations with generosity.

FCAC employs best-practice community arts and cultural development methodologies through a genuine spirit of collaboration with our communities of focus, artists and partners. We lead the arts sector by employing this best-practice methodology as an arts venue that serves as a model for others to emulate.

FCAC provides a culturally inviting and physically safe space for sharing in artistic provocation, critique and stimulating engagements. We listen to our communities to implement genuine accessibility across FCAC’s programs and venue.

FCAC’s operations encompass all aspects of environmental and business sustainability to ensure long-term viability as a community cultural asset.

1- Wominjeka Festival 2019. Image by Gianna Rizzo.

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