FCAC AIR Ahmarnya Price 3

Ahmarnya Price

‘I’ve been working at Footscray Community Arts Centre for the past six years with The Chaotic Order as the creative director/performance tutor. I’m consistently inspired by the commitment, vision and integrity the centre brings to creating high quality contemporary artwork that is in direct conversation with both local and global communities. I look forward to continuing to develop and create work within this dynamic environment.’ – Ahmarnya Price

Ahmarnya Price is a visual artist and performance maker – she draws, paints, animates, writes, directs and performs. She began with the Artlife performance group as a support worker and the visual arts class as a tutor in 2008. She established The Chaotic Order (TCO) in 2009 when she took over the reigns from performance tutor Jo Zealand. Over the following three years Ahmarnya and TCO worked closely together to co-design and co-write The Waiting Place – for which they received the ‘Best Original Australian Work’ award at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Ahmarnya has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Performance Creation from the Victoria College of the Arts. In partnership with FCAC, and in her capacity as the creative director, she received the 2014 VCA Professional Pathways Scholarship to further research sustainable ensemble models for The Chaotic Order and begin working towards their next project. Additionally, as a current Artist In Residence at FCAC she is also developing her solo performance Rumpus to be debuted at the centre in 2015.

FCAC AIR Ahmarnya Price Pamela Debricant.

Image from the creative development of Bond Song. Photography by Pamela Debricant.