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The ANIMATISM collective has painted, projected, published and produced together for over ten years.

Dedicated to ideas of creative exchange and artistic action, ANIMATISM builds stories and  knowledge in the region about life through their collaborations in Australia, East Timor and Indonesia.

Immersive video, burning drums, street art, experimental theatre, comic book conversations and hypnotic installations embeds the primal and the wild in creative conversations and develops unique artistic experiences framed by dialogue on artistic resilience, peace and the creative articulation of a unified vision of contemporary, regional relationships.

In 2014, their Gertrude Street Projection Festival installation was awarded the Walker Abercrombie Judge’s Prize for the festival. Their site-specific installation across three shipping containers as part of East Timor’s inaugural arts festival, Arte Publiku, invited audiences into the collective’s world of ongoing questions into the movement of cultural and creative capital in times of peace with a gaze on the inescapable contexts of conflict.