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Brown Cab Productions

Brown Cab Productions are inspired to tell stories that reflect: who we are as Indigenous people; our families; the environment we live in; and by the road less travelled. We believe that the journey to which stories are told are as culturally vital as the stories themselves. Storytelling is a conversation that should inspire, move, and provoke thought – something that sits somewhere beyond the heart and the mind.

In this age of Twitter and Facebook we’re seeing great opportunities to expand our stories using cross platform. But – then again cross platform storytelling is not new to our people in the Torres Straits or Aboriginal people – with our stories being told in dance, painting and song – we’ve always believed in the fluidity of storytelling across platforms.

With a tank full of inspiration we’re creating and keeping stories alive in:

  • Film & television, by creating and producing drama, documentary and film clips.
  • Theatre, by producing shows for mainstage & community well-being.
  • Digital story telling, working with community groups.

Visit the Brown Cab Productions website here.