Emerging Cultural Leaders 2013

Demeysa Ahmed

The ECL program helped me to understand the key elements which make up the community, and that those key elements are you and me. – Demeysa Ahmed
Demeysa has been living in Australia for almost eight years having previously lived in New Zealand for seven. He feels both countries have contributed to his self-development and he is enjoying living in a country where you can dream the impossible and make it possible. In 2014, Demeysa plans to study youth work, where he can use his music to engage young people to be able to express themselves through music to create positive change in their lives.
Demeysa is a creative and music is the source of his creative outlet. Through his music he expresses parts of his life, experience and perceptions, which he feels he wouldn’t be able to in other ways. Everyone has their own sanctuary where they find it easy to interact with people or express themselves in the best way possible and have a sense of contentment in doing so. Demeysa’s sanctuary, where he feels the most comfortable and at ease, is while creating music. Demeysa is studying youth work, tutoring with FCAC’s ArtLife program and working on his debut EP.

Demeysa was mentored by Bec Reid.

To compose a track for the industry showcase.

‘It’s going to be a feel good track, to celebrate our new formed friendship with our peers and also with the Footscray Community Art Centre. The ECL program wouldn’t have been made accessible to us if it wasn’t for the lovely people at Footscray Community Art Centre. The experience, the insight, the diversity of arts and community based work, are the pillars which hold the community together, and from these pillars you have an abundance of creative work.’