Emerging Cultural Leaders 2016

Fia Hamid-Walker

Fia Hamid-Walker is an emerging Indonesian-Australian artist based in Melbourne. Her interests in literature materialised when she studied Indonesian and Malay literatures in School. Fia was involved in a student theatre in Indonesia in the post Suharto era, where she learnt the importance of community based theatre to communicate and facilitate political and social changes.

Her arts practice focuses on raising awareness and challenging the misuse of the word “common sense” in topics such as ethical consumerism and environmental ethics. Her art projects explore the cause-and-effect of our everyday activities. They expose the exploitation involved and the negative impacts of those activities on the affected communities’ loss of respect and human dignity.

Fia is currently experimenting with the science of synthesising one art platform with another to nourish inclusivity in her art works to making bigger impacts.

“Community art is more than just using a plain language and monologue conversation to pass through complex ideas and experiences, it facilitates interaction and of personal experiences.”

Fia’s website: http://nosweatshops.tumblr.com/ | https://fiahamid.blogspot.com.au/