Emerging Cultural Leaders 2013

Gabriel Collie

What I discovered about myself was [that] being involved in many projects and other music performance events at the same time does get a bit overwhelming. Very good organisation, regular contact with peers, looking after your health and speaking up when you’re not
100% is what I’m implementing in my lifestyle at the moment. – Gabriel Collie
Gabriel is a musician and performs regularly with MASSIVE Hip Hop Choir and other local independent and diverse artists. He runs a number of workshops in Melbourne’s west and uses his music as a tool for working with young people to create positive change. Currently, he teaches music and facilitates workshops in song-writing in schools in the West through Barkly Arts Centre and a cultural outreach program in Footscray. Gabriel has found great satisfaction through this work and believes it is a platform for his future career.
Gabriel learned classical theory, piano and guitar from a young age but has expanded his influences to include country, jazz, soul and hip-hop. In 2013 he will release his debut album Free 4 All. He is also a participant in the Melbourne Arts Centre’s Dig Deep Program, which allows young artists and producers to collaborate with each other.
In 2013, Gabriel has been involved in two collaborative productions with Western Edge Youth Arts and OuterUrban Projects with outcomes as part of Melbourne Festival.

Gabriel was mentored by Bo Svoronos.

I am a committee member and music director for the art exhibition Freedom, a fundraiser for the James Marcon Youth Health Foundation. I am also collaborating with the Massive Family and local musicians Pataphysics and Project nRt performing the song Freedom for the Showcase, which is soon to be recorded.