Emerging Cultural Leaders 2017

Grace Amigo

Grace Amigo was born in Santiago, Chile. In 2011 she moved to Australia and took back her love for painting and writing, sharing her poetry with the Spanish poetry group A Voz Limpia. She published her first book of poetry La Gracia de las Nieves in 2017 under Grace de las Nieves.

In 2016 Grace founded the ‘The One Who Knows: Creative Exercises To Connect With Your Wild Self’ collective with Gabriela Gonzales. She is planning an exhibition with the collective.

Grace also hosts the radio show ‘Completada Bailable’ with women in the collective on 3CR Community Radio. She is currently working with Industrial Designer Miguel Zerene at Nebulab.

‘Art for me is a way of healing and connecting with our inner selves, which is the first step towards transforming this society. As Alain said in Simone Beauvoir’s book The Second Sex, ‘Magic is the spirit that lives in everything and every woman’s path is towards this magic’. Let’s see what this group of magical people can do.’

1 – Grace Amigo. Image by Snehargho Ghosh.