Emerging Cultural Leaders 2016

Kei Murakami

Kei Murakami is an overall multi-disciplinary Japanese person, who has always worked with aesthetics that are informed by her cultural heritage. These experiences have head to a deep interest in exploring the relationship between art, and the people who create them, leading to her three main passions: art, people, research. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Creative Arts and then a Masters of Social Work, and is currently completing her Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice at the MIECAT Institute. She most recently worked on Sedih // Sunno (Rani P Collaborations) as a collaborating artist/performer/lighting designer. Past works include: Lighting design for Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange (Four-Letter-Word Theatre), The Apartment (Four-Walls-Under-A-Roof Theatre), Closer (Four-Letter-Word Theatre), Phaedra’s Love (Four-Letter-Word Theatre), Chinese Whispers (Rani P Collaborations); Performer in Clock-It (Big West Festival), One (New Work Collective, The Fringe Festival). She also practices Aikido.

Contact Kei: k.murakami@outlook.com