Emerging Cultural Leaders 2018

Lauren Bok

Lauren Bok is a comedian, producer, facilitator, performer, writer and excessive coffee drinker. Arts career highlights include working at ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, working with Uncle Jack Charles, Jacob Boehme, and artists from the Kulin nations. She is currently a producer at Snuff Puppets in Footscray, fostering emerging talents in puppeteering. She is a regular on the stand up circuit and in 2017 she took her solo show Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito to Edinburgh Fringe and won an award for Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe in 2016. Lauren also runs stand-up comedy workshops for women and non-binary people.

1 – Lauren Bok. Image by Leah Jing Mcintosh.