Emerging Cultural Leaders 2013

Michael Adonai

‘As a refugee artist, [the] ECL program has given me the confidence that I can have a sustainable and successful career in the arts in Australia.’ – Michael Adonai

Michael Adonai is one of Eritrea’s most celebrated contemporary artists and writers who is bringing forth a new cultural renaissance by blending his self-taught and classical artistic training in visual arts.

Michael began to develop a very unique symbolic art style in the 1980’s. The power of his traditional “Coptic Art” allegorical expressionism increased through the war years, reflecting his experience as a freedom fighter depicting the plights, hopes, aspirations and fortitude of the Eritrean people during difficult times. Having successfully exhibited his Master Works in the UK, USA, Japan, Johannesburg, Dubai, Sweden, Eritrea, Singapore, Sudan, Kuwait, Ethiopia, and Italy, Michael is now teaching fine art as well as working in his upcoming solo and group exhibitions here in Australia.

Michael has won awards and prizes including the Raimok Award, one of Eritrea’s highest national awards. He was also nominated by an international arts jury to represent Eritrea in the United Nations sponsored Global Art Exhibition, 2001. In addition, he was the participant of the 3rd International Arts Camp – ANDORRA. Michael was selected by UNESCO to be featured in Dictionary of African Biography (Oxford Press) in 2012.
Michael was mentored by Brian McKinnon

I did not chose to be a refugee solo exhibition
I will be holding an exhibition of my work at Joel Gallery in Refugee week 2014. Dates of exhibition are Friday 13 June-Friday 27 June 2014.