Emerging Cultural Leaders 2015

Muma Doesa

Muma Doesa is an MC/ Vocalist/ DJ of South African heritage, who specialises in live performance and recording. Her lyrics explore the themes of identity, family, healing and empowerment, using characters, symbols, and humor. These are the main themes within her solo album “Ms Fortune” recorded in Melbourne and New York. She hopes through her music and ECL she can learn more, and share knowledge that others may find useful.

Muma Doesa has performed around Australia and New York for 11 years at festivals, live music venues, and protests. Highlights include: The Big Day Out, The Light in Winter Festival (Fed Square), Melbourne Now (NGV), Moomba, Nyorican Poet’s Café (NY),The Delancey (NY).

Muma has facilitated workshops at Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, and mentoring with Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Artist’s Facebook Page: facebook.com/mumadoesa
Artist’s Bandcamp: mumadoesa.bandcamp.com
Artist’s YouTube Channel: youtube.com/Themumadoesa