Emerging Cultural Leaders 2015

Natasha Phillips

Natasha Phillips was born in Hong Kong and grew up in both Hong Kong and Australia. She has recently moved back to Australia after 5 years in London and considers herself to be a third culture kid. Natasha was recently a participant on the Melbourne Fringe Producer Mentorship Program mentored by Josh Wright and produced a new dance performance, Towards Transparency. She is currently working on a new performance work, 7412 Kilometres of Relations, with Felix Ching Ching Ho that will premier at the Big West Festival in November 2015. She works as the Executive Assistant to Adam Friedman, CEO of Shareable Apps.

As a creative producer and theatre maker, she has been the Assistant Producer for RIFT where she co-produced and stage managed RIFT’s overnight production of Macbeth (2014) set in the iconic Balfron Tower. She has also been the Marketing & Outreach Officer for SPID Theatre working closely with the local community to promote the benefits and wellbeing of the dramatic arts. Since graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2012, she has gone on to make her own work which has been staged at the Brighton Fringe Festival and has worked and produced for theatre companies and venues such as You Me Bum Bum Train (Empire House, Stratford 2012), RETZ (The Trial, 2013) and Battersea Arts Centre (London Stories: a 1-on-1-on-1 Festival, 2013).

Her interest and passion for culturally diverse performances and art practices is aided by the fact she is from an international and mixed background. She is specifically interested in being part of the artistic uprising and surge for political and social change that is occurring in China through its exponential economic growth. The ever changing dynamic that China is experiencing and hurtling towards is an area which she wants to play a big part in by bridging gaps and forging partnerships. Becoming a cultural arts leader and/or broker between China and Australia is her ultimate goal. All of this is still in creation and the essence of her craft which she is continually exploring as each day passes.