Emerging Cultural Leaders 2017

Snehargho Ghosh

Snehargho Ghosh is a Melbourne-based photographer. Born in West Bengal, India, Snehargho’s early photography projects involve documenting the exiled Tibetan community in Dharamsala and remote tribal cultures in the Eastern Himalayas as well as running photography workshops for local community.

In 2014, Snehargho moved to Australia and developed his artistic photographic practice, while working on numerous commercial projects.

His photography has appeared in news media (Al Jazeera), magazines (TimeOut), blogs, travel guides, and social campaigns (NSW Breast Cancer Council) and has been exhibited in India, Australia and Europe.

‘ECL has provided me with a platform to express and to empower myself as an artist while creating a strong community where I am putting down my roots.’

1 – Snehargho Ghosh. Image by Snehargho Ghosh.