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Survive! Garage was established in 2009 and is a community alternative space and art shop. SURVIVE!garage works with a range of artists and communities from Indonesia, and supports young independent, & emerging artists by providing a space to exhibit, run performances and workshops.

Survive aims to enable an alternative forum for artists who sit outside mainstream art culture, and to provide a community base from which artists can connect.

Survive! Garage bertujuan untuk mengaktifkan forum alternatif bagi seniman yang berada di luar budaya seni mainstream, dan menyediakan basis komunitas sebagai tempat para seniman agar dapat saling terhubung.


Bayu Widodo is an art worker; founder and owner of alternative art space SURVIVE! Garage in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Bayu Widodo is also known as a visual artist that uses graphic art and painting techniques to critique political, social and environmental issues. He has exhibited widely in Indonesia and abroad. Art for Bayu Widodo is a way to express ideas that have been inspired by what he sees, reads, and hears around him.

Beginning from observing, analysing, and understanding the phenomena of daily life in the form of social interaction and tolerance, it is not uncommon for shared contradictions and oppositions in one’s self to arise. Bayu often runs screen printing workshops in communities, schools and his studio is open to anyone who is interested in learning about art, particularly graphic art techniques. Bayu is also an active member of Taring Padi.

Website: Survive! Garage blogspot