About the Program 

ArtLife Studio offers artistic and industry development opportunities for participating artists, including workshops, talks, networking events, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. We are a Registered NDIS provider. You can access the ArtLife Studio program using your NDIS plan. 

ArtLife Studio is part of Footscray Community Arts’ artist development programs. Through these programs we generate sector change by enhancing the visibility of the communities we centre and prioritise, promoting equity and cultural safety in the arts industry. 

ArtLife Studio is open to people who: 

  • Are d/Deaf and Disabled adults – 18 years old and over;  
  • NDIS participants; 
  • have a passion for the arts; 
  • are able to follow direction and work with others respectfully in a group; and, 
  • are interested in collaboration – responding to peers’ ideas and offering their own. 

We welcome everyone who is d/Deaf or Disabled to our program, but we are not able to offer one-to-one support. You are welcome to bring your own support worker to ArtLife Studio if you do need one-to-one support to access our program.

Megan Hunter, Hammerhead in Bright, image by Gianna Rizzo

Our Program Model 
ArtLife Studio is designed to support artists develop their practice, learn new skills, and develop their independence as working artists. The program is designed so that you can move through it in three stages: 

  1. Entry Level: Skills Development Workshops 
  2. Progress to: Self-Directed Studio or Residency 
  3. Final Level: Art Industry Workshop 

Skills Development Workshops 
These term-based workshops are facilitated by an Artistic Facilitator and an Engagement Worker. The Artistic Facilitator leads the workshop, and the Engagement Worker provides support with access needs, removing barriers to participation as much as possible. In the workshop, you can develop your artistic skills and learn new ones. You are supported to choose and work on your own goals. 

Workshop artforms include: 

  • Drawing and painting workshops 
  • Screen/digital arts 
  • Mixed media art making 

Participating artists who have attended the Skills Development Workshops for at least 12 months will be supported to move on to the Self-Directed Studio or can apply for ArtLife Residency. 

Self-directed Studio 
In the Self-Directed Studio, you are guided to work on your own artistic projects. You will set goals with the Facilitating Artist, and work on a project that you choose.  

What you can expect: 

  • Choose your own artistic project to work on, and be supported to reach your goals 
  • Develop your confidence 
  • Share your opinions and ideas 
  • Develop your strengths and artistic practice 
  • Develop a plan to have your access needs meet 

Participants who have attended the Self-directed Studio or completed a Residency are supported to move on to the Art Industry Workshop as the final stage of the program.

For more information on the Art Industry Workshop, contact us at artlife@footscrayarts.com.

Get in touch

Interested in joining or finding out more? You can reach out to us by email: artlife@footscrayarts.com or phone: 03 9362 8879 and our ArtLife Engagement Coordinator will be able to provide assistance.

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Image: Bright exhibition launch, 2023 by Gianna Rizzo.

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