• Detail of Hidden Creatures, Megan Hunter, 2023
    Detail of Hidden Creatures, Megan Hunter, 2023
Exhibition Date: 10 October—12 December 2023
Launch Date: 21 October 2023, 2—4pm
Event Information

‘Bright is about colour, joy and playful freedom’ – Pamela Debrincat, curator.

Bright is an art exhibition with a radical curatorial process, bringing together five installations without a defined beginning or end. Bright ignites the senses, inviting audiences to touch, explore and connect with each work to contribute to its meaning. Bright emphasises our need for closeness and rebuilds our capability to interact and participate. Aligning with Spring, Bright encourages regeneration through play, connection and sensory experience.

Bright is curated by ArtLife Residency artist, Pamela Debrincat and presents work from Darren Aquilina, Emily Floyd, Megan Hunter, Prue Stevenson and Thomas Miller.

Exhibition dates:
10 October—12 December 2023

21 October 2023, 2—4pm

Content warning: This exhibition contains high-sensory content including bright lights and bright colours.

Relaxed sessions are an opportunity for visitors who could benefit from a quieter gallery experience. Two relaxed sessions will be provided to visitors who would prefer to view the exhibition with reduced light.

These sessions will be:
Friday 20 October 2023, 9.30am—1pm
Friday 10 November 2023, 9.30am—1pm


This event is presented by Footscray Community Arts in partnership with Victoria University.

Bright was made possible with support from Creative Victoria.

Date & Times

10 October—12 December 2023

Roslyn Smorgon Gallery

All internal venues are wheelchair accessible. If you are deaf, hard of hearing and/or have a speech impairment, we have a range of audio assistance available. Please call or email us if we can help plan your journey.

Access notes for Bright: PDF, Word 

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Meet the Artists
  • Pamela Debrincat (Curator)
    Pamela Debrincat (Curator)

    Pamela is a curator interested in sensory and interactive exhibitions. She has a passion for participatory art experiences which directly connect audiences with artists. A driven advocate for artists and arts audiences with a disability, she has curated group exhibitions such as How About a Rainbow (2017), Heart (2019) and ARISING (2020). Pamela is also a visual artist working with sculpture and mixed media. Her work explores circles in different forms and using bright colours to bring them to life.


  • Darren Aquilina
    Darren Aquilina

    Darren Aquilina is a visual artist and dancer who joined the ArtLife program in 2019. Darren’s paintings and drawings have many layers and explore emotions through colour. He often paints birds eye views with repetition, systems and texture. He loves to experiment with fabric and different materials as surfaces for his painting. Bright is Darren’s first exhibition.

  • Emily Floyd
    Emily Floyd

    Working in sculpture, printmaking and public installation, Emily Floyd is renowned for her text-based sculptures and pedagogically inspired works that combine a strong focus on visual qualities with an interest in the legacies of modernism. Her work engages a wide range of disciplines including social activism, design and typography, literature and cultural studies, community participation and public education.


  • Megan Hunter
    Megan Hunter

    A visual and sound artist, Megan Hunter’s work is about local wildlife and the climate crisis. Megan often references the sea, waterways and their creatures with bold lines and vibrant colour. Megan has been involved in several public art projects and exhibitions at Footscray Community Arts, including her installation for Sometimes I Just Miss Hearing Their Voice, which was exhibited as part of Due West Arts Festival in 2019.

  • Prue Stevenson
    Prue Stevenson

    An artist and proud autistic person, Prue explores autistic pleasures, necessities and culture, using repetitive and tactile processes, allowing for experiences of sensory play, creating spaces and opportunities for downtime. Working with oil, ceramics, textiles, installation and performance, Prue advocates for the identity, empowerment and sensory awareness of the autistic community.

  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller is a contemporary surrealist artist working across digital art, markers, fineliners, watercolour and painting. Thomas aims to evoke imagination by creating artwork with futuristic concepts, including distorted perspectives and contrasting colours. Thomas has exhibited his work in group show Create 6 with North West Health at the Incinerator Gallery, as well as at other venues in Melbourne.


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