Yasbelle Kerkow

Yasbelle Kerkow is an Australian-born, Fijian artist.

Victoria Nicole Cini

I am Victoria Nicole Cini – musician/author/songwriter.

Tegan Ollett (Nash)

Tegan Ollett (Nash) is a producer, arts manager and artist working in dance and live art; and is the current company manager of the Australian dance company, Lucy Guerin Inc.

Sophia Cai

Sophia Cai is a curator, arts writer, and knitter.


SB is a Sudanese visual artist based in Wathaurong Country.

Nithya Nagarajan

Nithya Nagarajan is a dancer, performance-maker, researcher, curator, and currently serves as the Manager – Community and Participation at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

MJ Flamiano

MJ Flamiano is an artist, curator and community arts worker.

Mimo Mukii

Mimo Mukii is an emerging filmmaker and producer, working across short films, web series, television and writing.

Leah Jing McIntosh

Leah Jing McIntosh is a writer and photographer from Melbourne.

Lauren Bok

Lauren Bok is a comedian, producer, facilitator, performer, writer and excessive coffee drinker.

Christobel Elliott

Christobel Elliott is a vocalist, music producer and youth worker of Egyptian, Eritrean and mixed European descent.