Emerging Cultural Leaders 2017

Our Emerging Cultural Leaders (ECL) program is a six-month skills development and mentoring program for emerging artists and cultural facilitators from Melbourne’s west. Past graduates have gone on to forge their own careers in community cultural development as artists and producers. Meet the 2017 participants!

Mia Stanford

Mia Stanford was raised in the Northern Territory from Kungarakan and Gurindji people.

Snehargho Ghosh

Snehargho Ghosh is a Melbourne-based photographer.

Daisy Catterall

Daisy Catterall is an artist who uses installations to investigate her position in the Pasifika diaspora.

Hanann Al Daqqa

Hanann Al Daqqa is an Australian/Palestinian curator based in Melbourne.

Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Bethany Atkinson-Quinton is a broadcaster, producer, writer and educator based in Narrm (Melbourne).

May Saba Sabet

Driven by compassion and social justice, May Saba Sabet co-creates theatre with young people.

Piper Huynh

Piper Huynh is a Melbourne-based theatre-maker driven by untold stories.

Andy Butler

Andy Butler is a Filipino-Australian writer, curator and artist from Melbourne.

Soraya Mobayad

Soraya Mobayad’s artistic practice explores audio frequencies and the relationship of noise to information.

Alec Reade

Alec Reade is a young Oceanic artist (Fijian/European) looking to decolonise, intersectionalise and reclaim their identity with members of the Oceanic community.

Manisha Anjali

Manisha Anjali is a poet, painter and performer.

Rachel Iampolski

Rachel Iampolski is a creative producer and arts researcher with a particular interest in place-making through art and site-specific work.

Roberta Joy Rich

Roberta Rich is an emerging artist who responds to constructions of identity, often referencing her diaspora African identity and experiences.

Grace Amigo

Grace Amigo was born in Santiago, Chile.