SK Kawuma

‘I’ve learnt that working in community, I can always be open about ideas and that sharing those ideas with people will help for things to move forward and happen.

Rani Pramesti

‘I discovered that my skills as a social worker, which was my previous field of study and work, have come in handy in creating a safe space for Chinese-Indonesian women to engage in movement and voice activities to express themselves.

Michael Adonai

‘As a refugee artist, [the] ECL program has given me the confidence that I can have a sustainable and successful career in the arts in Australia.

Geskeva-Lola (Mazna) Komba


Jennifer Tran

‘I use design as a way of creating an immersive space, a safe space, where connections and interactions are enabled and positive experiences are created.

Isabella Capezio

I discovered that [the] Footscray community is made up of many smaller communities that are constantly changing and intermingling and that there is not one approach or method for working with them.

Gabriel Collie

What I discovered about myself was [that] being involved in many projects and other music performance events at the same time does get a bit overwhelming.

Demeysa Ahmed

The ECL program helped me to understand the key elements which make up the community, and that those key elements are you and me.

Daniela Rodriguez

‘Being involved with the Emerging Cultural Leaders program has been a great experience.

Christie Widiarto

‘What I learned from ECL is that with each arts project I undertake, to just enjoy the ride and to learn, evaluate and grow from each experience.

Vanessa Macedo

‘What I discovered about the arts sector/industry along the way is that it has legitimized docos as a community arts medium in CCD context.