FCACheartsJogja 2014 Artists

FCACheartsJogja 2014 is a joint contemporary arts initiative between FCAC, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival (CPAF) and Jogjakarta artists. The following are the participating artists and organisations:


Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program 2014 presents FCACheartsJogja 2014.

Jade Lillie

Footscray Community Arts Centre – Direktur dan CEO Jade is an experienced community cultural development practitioner, arts executive, educator and facilitator.

Taloi Havini

Seniman Keramik, Mixed Media Instalasi, Fotografer, Videografer, Print Taloi Havini is a descendant of the Nakas clan, northeast of Buka Island, Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Heather Horrocks


Krack! Studio

Krack! is a printmaking studio and gallery in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, established in March 2013.

Cemeti Art House

Since 1988, Cemeti Art House founded by Nindityo Adipurnomo and Mella Jaarsma, has been exhibiting and communicating the works of both Indonesian and foreign contemporary artists.


Survive! Garage was established in 2009 and is a community alternative space and art shop.

ACE House Collective



iCAN (Indonesia Contemporary Art Network) works on promoting multidisciplinary dialogue between visual art and another division of art and sciences through art projects, research and education.

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center

KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre inhabits a precarious position of belonging to neither this nor that within existing disciplinary boundaries while aiming at expanding them.

Salote Tawale 1

Salote Tawale

Interdisciplinary Born in Suva, Fiji Islands Salote Tawale moved to Melbourne, Australia with her family in the late 1970’s.

Dr Marnie Badham

Artist-Researcher Originally from Canada, Marnie Badham is an artist-researcher exploring representational practice (policy, art, research) with politically and socially marginalized communities.

Dr Bo Svoronos

Creative Producer, Writer-performer, Photography Bo works for Footscray Community Arts Centre as Creative Producer; he is an independent producer and cultural practitioner having instigated a variety of festivals, tours and events.

Jacob Tolo

Designer, Curator, Visual Artist Jacob was born in the Pacific Island of Samoa and was raised in Auckland (NZ).

FCAC Artistic Program CPAF13 Natano Fa'anana James Henry

Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival

The Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival (CPAF) is an annual, multi‐disciplinary showcase of the creative talents of the Australian contemporary Pacific arts community.

FCAC CIR Alia Gabres Jeevi Ka

Alia Gabres

“As an artist from a culturally diverse background I believe that sharing my practice and learning from local artists outside my immediate context is extremely important.